Mini Fashionistas and Gents for the SEC West teams

These outfits will look darling on any mini fashionista or gent wanting to show their pride for the SEC West teams.



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Every little Rebel will look so cute in these items showcasing Colonel Reb.



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Every little Bama fan loves Big Al and all of these items will complete the closet of the minis.  One of us can’t wait for someone to have a little girl to buy those shoes.


auburn mini


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Every mini gent looks adorable in a tie and suspenders.  Every little kid loves to pretend to be a super hero and now they can do it while representing their team. Little girls, bows and pom poms are a perfect combination.



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Purple and gold galore with the face of Mike the Tiger and his paw print make the LSU minis adorable.  A fun way for the parents and mini to show team spirit with this boppy cover.




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How perfect for a first watch?  For those mammas wanting their minis to be dressed similarly this set is perfect.



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Why not have the mini start off learning the traditions with this onesie.  How cute is this little hat for the winter.  Every little girl needs her first football necklace and this one can’t get lost.



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You can’t go wrong with either of these cute dresses or both if you have two mini fashionistas.  You won’t be able to lose your little one with these squeaky shoes.  A first cowbell for a mini gent.



Week Thirteen Tailgating Menu

We hope that week thirteen doesn’t bring any of our beloved teams bad luck this weekend.



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Cheesy Bacon and Egg Brunch Casserole  Who doesn’t love cheesy eggs and bacon or for that matter a casserole?

Sausage Egg and Cheese Breakfast Roll Ups  These are so easy to eat on the run that they might be all gone by the time you hit the tailgate.

Pumpkin French Toast Muffins and Cinnamon Streusel Topping  Pumpkin and cinnamon make these a wonderful bite on a fall morning.

Hash Brown Egg Nests with Avocado  Hash browns and eggs are a breakfast favorite and now they are in one bite.

Pineapple Cinnamon Margaritas  With the chill in the air why not bring a bit of summer with these pineapple margaritas.

The Southern Living SEC Tailgating Cookbook has put together a great combination for the Belles ready to yell Gig ‘Em with the rest of the Aggie Nation.


The Ambrosia

Texas A&M Howdy

Texas A&M Caviar Teaser

SEC East Stadiums

While we all enjoy the tailgate and spending time with friends and family on our beloved campuses the real thrill of the day takes place in the stadiums.



Sanford Stadium

  • Home of the Georgia Bulldogs
  • The Bulldogs and opponents are said to “Play Between the Hedges”
  • Seats 92,746
  • Opened October 12, 1929
  • The 1996 Olympic soccer games were held here (sadly the hedges were removed for this).
  • UGAs are entombed in the southwest corner of the stadium.



Commonwealth Stadium

  • Home of the Kentucky Wildcats
  • Seats 67,942
  • Opened on September 15, 1973
  • Since 1999 fireworks are shot off from the top of the stadium after each touchdown.



Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

  • Home of the Florida Gators
  • Known as The Swamp
  • Seats 88,548
  • Opened on November 8, 1930
  • The field sits below ground level because it is built on a sink hole.


NCAA Football: Missouri vs. Georgia

Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium

  • Home of the Mizzou Tigers
  • Seats 71,168
  • Opened on October 2, 1926
  • Named for long time coach Don Faurot and
  • Legand has it that a rock crusher and truck were buried during the initial blasting to build the stadium.
  • There was no sod at the time of the first game so they played on sawdust and tree bark.



William Brice Stadium

  • Home of the South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Seats 80,250
  • Opened on October 6, 1934
  • Known as the Cockpit
  • Is one of only two stadiums in the country named for a woman, Martha Williams-Brice.
  • In 1987 Pope John Paul II spoke to a crowd at the stadium.



Neyland Stadium

  • Home of the Tennessee Volunteers
  • Seats 102,455
  • Opened on September 24, 1921
  • Eighth largest stadium in the world.
  • The most notable non football event was a Billy Graham Crusade in May 1970 that featured President Richard Nixon as a speaker.
  • Renamed in 1962 for legendary Coach Robert Neyland



Vanderbilt Stadium

  • Home of the Vanderbilt Commodores
  • Seats 40,350
  • Opened as Dudley Field on October 24, 1922
  • The first stadium in the south to be used only for college football.
  • Since 2007 the Navy ROTC Midshipmen sound a foghorn when the teams takes the field.
  • The Tennessee Titans played in the stadium during the 1998 season.



An Honorable mention:



Everbank Field

  • Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Notable as the location of the annual Florida and Georgia game.  AKA the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
  • Opened on August 18, 1995.
  • First game played in 1996.





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