The Bands of the SEC East

Strike up the Band!  Each game day would be a lot quieter without these bands in the East stadiums on any given Saturday.



The Pride of the Sunshine 

  • University of Florida band
  • Founded in 1914 as a Cadet Band.  Happy 100th Anniversary!!
  • Also known as The Fighting’ Gator Band
  • Fight Song – “Orange and Blue”
  • 2013 Sudler Trophy award winner
  • Performed at the opening of Disney World



The Redcoat Marching Band

  • University of Georgia Band
  • Founded in 1905 as a cadet band
  • Fight Song – “Hail to Georgia”
  • 2000 Sudler Trophy award winner (The first in the SEC).
  • In 1978 performed a wedding themed halftime show and a couple got married.



Wildcat Marching Band

  • University of Kentucky band
  • Founded in 1893 as an unofficial cadet band
  • Fight Song – “On, On, University of Kentucky Fight”
  • Their band camp is referred to as Early Week.


2011 Homecoming Parade

Marching Mizzou

  • University of Missouri band
  • Founded in 1885 from the schools corps of cadets
  • Fight Song – “Fight Tiger, Every True Son”
  • Mizzou’s largest student organization.
  • Lead Harry S. Truman’s 1949 inauguration parade.



The Mighty Sound of the Southeast

  • University of South Carolina band
  • Founded in 1921 by students
  • Fight Song – “Fighting Gamecocks Lead the Way”
  • Play Einleitung from Thus Spake Zarathustra when the team enters the field.  (now recorded and played over the PA so it can be heard.)




Pride of the Southland Band

  • University of Tennessee band
  • Founded in 1869 as a cadet band
  • Fight Song – “Down the Field”
  • In 1883 the band only consisted of cornets
  • First halftime performance was in 1902
  • Started performing “Rocky Top” in 1972.



Spirit of Gold Marching Band

  • Vanderbilt University band
  • Founded in 1909
  • Fight Song – “Dynamite”
  • The band is open to students from the other Nashville area colleges and universities.
  • The last show of each season is totally student lead.




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Week 14 Tailgating Menu

Is anyone else as sad as we are that we have hit the final week of the regular season?  We came up with a  combination of quick recipes for this week.  We all know that after spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking up an amazing Thanksgiving meal who wants to spend more time in the kitchen putting together a tailgating menu.



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Southern Shandy  The lemonade gives this drink a hint of summer as the temperatures drop.

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Dip  The best parts of the sides from a wings tray.

Caprese Salsa  Italian twist on everyone’s favorite dip.

Saltine Cracker Toffee  Saltines, butter and brown sugar make this a quick and delicious sweet snack.

Mocha Pumpkin Spice Cookies  This cookie makes us think of everyone’s favorite fall drink.

Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue Pulled Pork Sliders  BBQ without all the hassle.  We are all in for that this week.


The Tennessee Jam Session

Vanderbilt Commodore

The Commodore Chaser


Mini Fashionistas and Gents for the SEC West teams

These outfits will look darling on any mini fashionista or gent wanting to show their pride for the SEC West teams.



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Every little Rebel will look so cute in these items showcasing Colonel Reb.



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Every little Bama fan loves Big Al and all of these items will complete the closet of the minis.  One of us can’t wait for someone to have a little girl to buy those shoes.


auburn mini


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Every mini gent looks adorable in a tie and suspenders.  Every little kid loves to pretend to be a super hero and now they can do it while representing their team. Little girls, bows and pom poms are a perfect combination.



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Purple and gold galore with the face of Mike the Tiger and his paw print make the LSU minis adorable.  A fun way for the parents and mini to show team spirit with this boppy cover.




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How perfect for a first watch?  For those mammas wanting their minis to be dressed similarly this set is perfect.



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Why not have the mini start off learning the traditions with this onesie.  How cute is this little hat for the winter.  Every little girl needs her first football necklace and this one can’t get lost.



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You can’t go wrong with either of these cute dresses or both if you have two mini fashionistas.  You won’t be able to lose your little one with these squeaky shoes.  A first cowbell for a mini gent.